home types — stacked construction and ground-level homes

A well-balanced neighborhood has room for a mix of households, from singles to families with children. That's why you'll find both ground-level and stackable modules in the Skilpod range. With the right mix of housing types, we build a diverse neighborhood tailored to local needs. The external structures can be tailored to the location and input from local residents. Skilpod handles the entire process.

All of our modules, whether stacked or ground-level, large or small, always have the same high quality and are delivered turnkey. All residents enjoy high living comfort in a modern designed home.

stacked construction: flats and apartment complexes

The selection of flats designed by our engineers are built in such a way that we can combine at will on each floor. The parametric model automatically calculates the different possible layouts, suggests the best solution and does the necessary technical calculations based on a number of inputs:

  • Desired composition, how many units of each kind
  • Configuration of apartment blocks
  • Land area limitations

Because the model is so flexible and our modular construction method is so fast, the final choice of units can be made quite late in the process. This makes it possible to respond to real demand and any rapidly changing conditions.

Bedroomsstudiostudio11 of 222 of 33
Kitchen island
Room for washer & dryer
Turnkey finishing
Walls painted (white)
Heating & cooling

ground-level construction: family homes and new neighborhoods

Skilpod ground-level houses have been around for several years and are sold to private builders in Belgium and the Netherlands. Thanks to those years of experience and our continuous optimization process, these houses are completely tailored to the needs of the real residents. 

We have modules in different construction formats:

  • Detached construction: #80, #108, #135, #144 and #160
  • Semi-detached buildings: #90, #130, #140 and #165
  • Terraced buildings: #110

Because these houses are also standardized, just like our stacked building modules, we can combine the terraced and semi-detached buildings as desired.

Available in detached format
Available in semi-detached format
Available in terraced format
Room for washer & dryer
Turnkey finishing
Walls painted (white)
Heating & cooling

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